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Looking for a class where you can tone your body and sweat plus have fun? Belly Dancev 4 Fitness classes provide a great workout while improving your rhythm, flexibility and balance. Every class feels like a girls’ night out party! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a size 0 or a size 24, whether you’re a high school student or a grandmother-- you can easily learn this safe, low-impact exercise! And you’ll have so much fun you’ll barely notice that you’re getting a great core workout. At my beautiful dance studios in Agoura Hills, Calabasas and Encino, California, belly dancing lessons are on-going year-round. We offer both morning and evening classes to fit your schedule. Our studio specializes in Egyptian-style belly dance, which is the safest low-impact style of this exercise/art form, as well as being the best-known and most popular. Our belly dancing lessons offer a great core workout! If you’re new to belly dancing or haven’t taken a movement lesson in a while, no worries. Before every Beginner class, we offer a special Introductory lesson especially for newbies. This class is very easy to follow. In a 30-minute lesson, we break down the major belly dance moves. This class is music-free so you can focus on your posture without worrying about keeping up with the beat. This Introductory Belly Dance class is a great solution for pre-beginner students who want to gain confidence in their skills before joining our regular Beginner class. Students can take the introductory mini-class as many times as they want. It’s a great way, pressure-free way to learn the basic moves (or to review if you’re returning to belly dance after taking some time off.) Our Beginner Belly Dance classes focus on combining the basic moves, layering upper and lower body moves together. You’ll get to practice over 30 basic belly dance moves including Figure 8’s, hip circles, hip drop and bump, shimmies, Omi, snake arms and more. This class is 60 minutes of dancing fun that also delivers a great workout. Belly dance class uses all your muscles. You’ll get to tone your abs, thighs, glues and arms. No exercise boredom here! You’ll feel exhilarated as you learn new moves and share in the joy of movement with other students. Belly dance students often report feeling more confident in their bodies, more graceful in their movements within just a few weeks of starting regular classes. Why wait? Come join the fun!

The Classes

Introductory Class A thirty minute step-by-step, slow paced, easy to follow class for inexperienced students who would like to develop their coordination and rhythm. This class should be taken back to back with the beginners class. 

Beginner Class Learn our thirty authentic, beautiful belly dance Egyptian style movements in every beginner class. A fun, low impact cardio workout that will tone your body with movements that focus on your abs, hips and arms and give you flexibility and grace. This ancient dance will put you in touch with your sensual feminine nature and it will improve your posture as well.

Intermediate class Students who have mastered the beginner moves and are able to combined arm movements, can start our fun intermediate combination drills and choreographies. This sixty minute class consists of thirty minutes of combination drills and thirty minutes of choreography. End of season show will give our students the chance to perform in front of our families and friends.

Private Birthday Party Group Lesson Package

  • For women and teens
  • Package includes:
  • 90 minute at private studio
  • Up to 15 participants
  • Step-by-step introductory
  • Belly Dance 4 Fitness signature class
  • Choreographed dance

Notes about the party package: Price: $285.00 Gift favors: Coin hip scarfs available for additional fee. Variety of resultants available within waking distance.

The Instructor

Sagit was born to a Moroccan family in which belly dancing and Arabic music were always a big part of life. Her on-stage experience began early, at the age of 5, assisting her father in magic shows. By the age of 8 she started performing her own magic solos. Several years later, at the age of 12 she was mesmerized by an Indian dancer who combined magic with her Indian dance style. Sagit loved the idea of combining magic with dance and started learning Belly dance professionally. Soon after, Sagit began to stray from magic and developed an intense interest in belly dance and preformed in Israel, Germany and the US. During her mid 20's after having her first child and changing her priorities in favor of spending quality time with her family, Sagit opted out the performance aspect of the business and began focusing her professional career on teaching others this wonderful form of dance. For the past 10 years Sagit has been teaching belly dance to 100’s of women in the Los Angeles area and is known for making complex dance routines easy and fun to follow. She thoroughly enjoys passing on this authentic, beautiful and empowering art form to other women and continues to evolve and improve her teaching methods. For additional info visit Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/BellyDance4Fitness

Benefits of Belly Dancing

  • Improve posture
  • Increase energy
  • Burn fat
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Increase joint flexibility and suppleness
  • Relaxing and calming
  • Raises metabolism
  • Tones abs, arms, thighs, glutus among others.
  • Eases PMS symptoms
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Prepares for easier delivery by strengthening all major muscle groups related to birth.

Belly dance for fitness classes are designed to keep the steps and movements simple to follow with a unique break down technique, so that even the complete beginner will have no problem learning to belly dance.. Come and experience a truly unique workout class that will reshape our body and get you excited about exercising like never before.

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