Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I'm most frequently asked as a belly dance instructor:
How do I join the course?
An online $15/$25 deposit is required for each coruse.  You may pay with a credit card or PayPal.  The deposit is non-refundable and applies towards your first (60 or 90 minutes) class.  Within 24-48 hours after registration you will receive an email confermation.  The remaining balance is due at the end of your first class if you wish to continue the course.
Do you offer a trial class?
Yes, if there is a spot left you may take a trial class.  You will need to email me a request with your first and last name to A proof of address is required when you attend the class (you must live within 25 miles radius of the studio).  Please note that a free trial is not a free class; if you choose to join the course your trial class will be included in the price.  Warning: 9 out of 10 students who attend the first class join the course... be prepared to fall in love with belly dance 4 fitness classes!
Do you offer a discount to students who take the course more than once?

  1. 35% off for current students who wish to repeat the combo course - introductory and beginner course -please register by the last day of your course and  pay only $ 117 instead of $175.
  2. 50% off your second course for new/ current students who enroll for a second course  during the same time frame.

How long is each course and when does a new one starts?
Each course is seven weeks long with an extra bonus: A three hour summery class (workshop) on the last Sunday of the course.  The Introductory, Beginners and Intermediate courses start every eight weeks thruoughout the year with a winter and summer break in between.  If not enough people register, a course may be postponed for a later date.

Can I join the Introductory and Beginners course after it already started? Is the price pro-rated?
Yes, if there is a room in the class you may join the course. The price will be pro-rated, however, once you start the course there are no refunds or credits for unused classes.

What's the difference between the beginners course and the combo Introductory and Beginner course?
For most unexperienced students the Introductory is very helpful and makes the beginners course very easy to follow. If you are not sure which course to take - take the first Introductroy and decide afterwords. 


How many moves do we learn in the course?  Does everyone continue to the Intermediate level after the Beginners course?
You will learn about 30 basic moves in the Introductory and Beginners course.  For unexperienced students it usually takes one Introductory and two Beginners courses to move on to the Intermediate course.  

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothes such as stretchy yoga pants or workout wear. Its important that your instructor can see your knees and feet (since that’s where the hip movements come from).
Dancing in socks or ballet shoes is preferable as we do lots of pivots, however, if you prefer, just plain barefoot is fine too.
I've never danced before/have two left feet/no sense of rhythm/How long will it take me to learn to belly dance?
Prior to every beginners class there is a step-by-step, easy to follow introductory which helps tremendously to follow the beginners class.
There are thirty beautiful belly dance moves in the beginners class and we go over the same moves in every class!
So it doesn't take long before you get familiar with the classes’ movements and learn all the basics.
Enhancing the moves, however, and combining them takes more time. It all depends on your level of commitment to the dance form.
Remember, belly dancing should be fun, so allow it to sink in one class at a time, be patient and thoroughly enjoy it!
Are private lessons available for newbies?
My introductory classes have been designed for students who are absolutely new to belly dancing -- any dancing, in fact!
In this class we will break down the major moves from the beginners class. You may take as many introductory classes as you wish.
If you feel that you need a private class after your first five introductory classes let me know.
I am currently pregnant and I would like to keep exercising. Is it safe?
If you've been exercising before your pregnancy and your doctor has no problem with you exercising I don’t see why not.
In fact, belly dancing is recommended for pregnancy since the abdominal movements (including the belly rolls, figures 8 and Omi movements) strengthen your body in order to be ready for childbirth.
In some Lamas classes in N.Y and Germany belly dance movement are taught to strengthen the muscles that are used in child birth.
I have some experience in belly dancing. Can I start at the intermediate level?
It's best to start at the beginner level. There are a lot of important fundamental skills that are unique to our Egyptian style class which the beginner classes cover.
Having a dance background is definitely a plus and will likely help move you to intermediate level more quickly.
However, please keep in mind that it is very important that you don’t skip ahead until you have a good foundation and have mastered the basics.
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Belly dance for fitness classes are designed to keep the steps and movements simple to follow with a unique break down technique, so that even the complete beginner will have no problem learning to belly dance.. Come and experience a truly unique workout class that will reshape our body and get you excited about exercising like never before.

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