Session Description & Prices

Beginners Package:

Each class includes a 30 minute step-by-step, easy to follow breakdown for new students and a 60 minute cardio beginners class.  This session does not require previous experience in dance, coordination or rhythm. We'll get you dancing in the first class! You will learn more than thirty authentic, beautiful belly dance Egyptian style movements in a fun, low impact cardio workout that will tone your body with movements that focus on your abs, hips and arms and give you flexibility and grace. This ancient dance will put you in touch with your sensual feminine nature and it will improve your posture as well. 
Intermediate Package:

Students who have mastered the beginner moves (or currently taking a beginner's session) and are able to combined arm movements, can start our fun intermediate combination drills and choreographies. This 60 minute class consists of 30 minutes of combination drills and 30 minutes of choreography. 

Beginners Package

$17500$130 Returning Students
  • 7 Weekly lessons
  • Each Lesson 90 minutes
  • 2.5 hour workshop
  • 100% satisfied students

Intermediate Package

$17500$145 Returning Students
  • 7 Weekly lessons
  • Each lesson is 60 minutes
  • 2.5 hour workshop
  • 100% satisfied students

Beginners Workshop

  • Held quarterly
  • 2 1/2 Hours
  • Included free with other packages
  • 100% satisfied students

To reserve your spot make a $25 deposit for the beginners session using the Make a Deposit buttons on this page. Your deposit goes toward your first intro and beginners class. If you wish to sign up for the entire session you may sign up at the end of your first visit.

Get 50% Off: 50% off on your second course for new or current students who wish to enroll for a second session during the same time frame (only $87.50 for 2nd course).

You're going to love the course. 100% of my students who completed the beginner course recommended it to their friends!