My Calabasas Belly Dance class students are awesome! During this workshop many of them showed up as well as students from the nearby surrounding cities such as Woodland Hills, Oak Park, Westlake Village, Encino and more. We had a great time dancing together and everyone left with a great feeling of accomplishment. The last part of the workshop is the most fevorite part. Combining the moves into a Middle Eastern song which helps them remember all the basic belly dancing moves in the order we've learned at the beginners belly dancing course. Snack arms with Shimmies is a great cardio movement that gets everyone back to shape and burn calories. The snack arms also helps tone our tricepts and biceps as well as help develop a great belly dancing posture. The shimmy is a low impact excercise that gets everyone moving and burning lots of calories and get you in to great mood releasing lots of endorfamines.

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