Here is a quick  top 8 reasons to start Belly Dance 4 Fitness classes:

Developing Your Coordination

Not all of us are born with great coordination, however, coordination can be developed, and what’s better than gaining it by learning to dance with Belly Dance 4 Fitness’s 30 minute repetitive and easy to follow, step-by-step Introductory classes.

Developing a Proper and Attractive Posture

Great posture makes you look more confident and attractive.  

In addition, there are so many health benefits to developing good posture. It reduces back pain, headaches and pressure inside your chest and it also improves your blood circulation. 

Reducing your Everyday Stress

Our body is stressed out from our daily schedule and routines.  The class section of our slow, graceful dancing will clear your mind and induce a state of mental relaxation. 

Elevating Your mood with Upbeat Music and Dancing

Our low impact cardio section will release endorphins that uplift and relieve mood swings and will keep your spirit elevated.  

Increasing Flexibility and BalanceImprove your body’s range of motions and develop your balance by dancing on your toes.  Loosen up your hips with our figure 8’s, hip bumps and hip lift movements.  

Tightening Your Pelvic Floor - It’s the best "Kegel" Exercises

Throughout the class we engage and lift our pelvic floor muscles.  As part of the proper posture we activate our pelvic floor and for the entire class as we move from one movement to another we tighten, lengthen  and straighten the pelvic floor muscles.  

Increase Your Energy And Burn Calories

The class is a safe low impact cardio workout  that will energize you and make you sweat.  

Getting Slimmer Hips and A Femininely Toned Body

Our arm movements such as Snack Arm will work the entire upper body to slim and  tone it up.  You will feel your trapezius, deltoid, biceps and triceps throughout the class. Our hip movements will slim your waist and strengthen your  lower back. Dancing on your toes will strengthen your glutes, thighs and calves.  

Finally, Join my Belly Dance 4 Fitness classes because it is Best for:

YOU! This class is 90 minutes all for YOU…

A great escape from the daily race.. no cell phones, no internet..100% you. 

May 16, 2016 By admin